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 “the relationship between linear thinking and intuition, the relationship between

mind and body, the relationship between various domains of knowledge, the relationship between the individual and community, the relationship with earth and the relationship between self and Self.” (Miller, 1996)

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SENSE IT UP program

This program aims to bring city kids of all ages back in contact with nature, to make a positive impact within and outside the student and find new creative ways of living together. We have a holistic approach towards education which considers the idea of interconnectedness. 



Our ancestors had an instinctive and personal intuitive connection with the natural environment by living close with it. This has been lost over the years. By using Mindfullness techniques we re-connect to ourselves and the 'others' in our surrounding.


The senses are directly linked to the arts and artistic processes.This because the most important elements of the arts are applicable to all areas of sensory experience. Exploratory learning, through the senses (touch, taste, sound, sight and smell) can be developed through the arts. In the program art- based methods are used to create with nature together. In this way personal emotions can be expressed and empathy and understanding of the 'other'will grow.


Through dialogical techniques with nature, yourself and each other we can reflect upon the environment and how to live together and within it. It creates multi-perspectivity and can make you  become the hero you want to be. 

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